Saurotopia's core team (Niko, Marcel, and Fernando) came together in 2018 when the project officially got off the ground. Niko had the project in mind since mid-2017 and was actively looking for talented 3D artists to work with. Thanks to Arstation Niko, Marcel, and Fernando connected together in 2018. What brought them together was shared passion they had for high-quality 3D graphics and real-time realistic visualizations of Dinosaurs and their environments. The project is since its start funded and supported by Niko and his company Reimagined Works.

Niko Craft

Niko is a software engineer, 3D artist, and a short-story writer with a strong desire to express himself creatively through challenging projects he is passionate about. With a long career (since 2000) in software development and 3D graphics, he started his own IT company in 2017. The success of his company also led him to initiate alpha ghost-protocol and kickstart the Saurotopia project. His vision for the project is a global brand with millions of people interacting and exploring Saurotopia's fictional universe.

Ferndando Usabiaga

Fernando is a passionate 3D artist with a talent for 3D creature modeling. Fernando has a keen interest in anything 3D dinosaur-related and is one of the main reasons he wanted to be part of the Saurotopia team. Fernando helps bring realistic real-time dinosaurs to life. He specializes in ZBrush and MODO; he covers the whole process from modeling, UV maps, and textures creation. He also has good experience with the UE4 engine.

Marcel Schanz

Marcel is a highly passionate 3D Creature artist with an interest in real-time graphics and a big passion for dinosaurs and presenting them in real-time environments. Marcel is a professional 3D artist with 10 years in the game development industry.

Nenad Trifunovic

Nenad is a talented junior software developer with a great passion for game development by using a tool like Unreal Engine 4. Nenad brings youthful energy to the project, being the youngest member of the team at only 25 years old.